“A baby who is loved will become an adult who can conquer the world.”

-Brenda Kosciuk

40 years Of care

Mackenzie Infant Care Centre opened its doors in 1986. MICC is located across the street from Balfour Collegiate, home to the Shirley Schneider Support (SSSC), to properly assist young mothers in completing their high school education.

"I wouldn't be in the career I'm in today without MICC."​

I can honestly say the most powerful moment I have shared with my friends at MICCentres was when I was on stage at my graduation ceremony and was handed yet another key to my future; I was given a scholarship. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would receive one. That day was a new lease on life; it was beating the stereotype associated with being a teen mother; it instilled a new kind of self-confidence that not a soul on this earth can take away. In the end I would not be on the road to a career that I am so passionate about without MICC, Shirley and her legacy the Shirley Schneider Support Centre at Balfour. I am currently enrolled at the University and my inspiration that gets me through every class and exam, is the hope that one day I can teach and change lives in the same way that mine has been changed.”

– Sara

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